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The Higher Potential Test

It only takes 5 STEPS!


Get in touch with your two default selves in minutes!

Follow these 5 steps in writing and use your intuition.

Note, as long as your true self is left behind, you will suffer and live a meaningless life.

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The key into the higher future

We live in amazing times because millions of the lost sheep people will be redeemed from their mental and spiritual bondage. This will be a very dramatic process:

  1. You will have to develop your inner spark of life/spirit, and this process can only happen outside of your ordinary mind - losing control can feel scary!

  2. ​Your ordinary (prison) life will collapse - is part of the liberation process.

  3. There will be tremendous confusion and uncertainty - you need to learn how to navigate chaos. 

5 STEPS will help you understand the reality of your most precious gift - the spark of life/spirit. This is your key to safely exiting the fallen Matrix and surviving the upcoming NWO.

People spend years searching for their true selves, but they never find it because [fill in the blanks]!

Good luck with your 5 STEPS!


Step 1


  1. Describe five or more personality traits for which you are accepted, liked, and honored by others.

  2. Describe five or more of the most negative traits of your character that you hide from other people and possibly from yourself.


Step 2


Describe your most noble, imaginative, idealistic, and exciting traits of your character. You may not be aware of them or keep these higher qualities to yourself.


Step 3

1. Turn on your epic side and describe the highest vision for your life.

2. Who are the people surrounding you in this vision?

Step 4

Dive deep into your heart.


  • Is there an epic task waiting for you there? Clarity will come over time.


Write down what you have now.


Step 5

Ask yourself this question:


  • What is more valuable to you, your current ordinary self (Step 1) or your epic true self (Steps 2-4)?

You have just learned something that 99.99% or more people don't understand: you have two default selves, not one! There are mind-blowing consequences to this fact of life.

© 2023 by RW/FTC Harvest

What next?

If you have completed all the exercises correctly, you have acquired valuable knowledge that is both unpleasant and forward-looking. Let's summarize what you have accomplished so far:

  1. You believe that you have personal power, but something is wrong with it. Your TSA is tangible evidence of this issue. All people on this planet live and die with high TSA, and they are unaware of their inner powerlessness. Accepting this unpleasant fact of life is necessary to take action.

  2. You now understand the dynamic of material career/job and that the third stage is not the end.

  3. Depending on your 5 STEPS results, you may or may not have the necessary resources to move beyond the material paradigm of life.



Facing the truth is never easy. If you have completed all these exercises correctly, confusion, anger, and even rage may arise. These emotions are natural and cannot be avoided. You must work through them and move forward. Ignorance is bliss, but not in these end times!

Back to our dilemma:


  • Why do we create lives, work, and relationships that we don't want and didn't plan for?


It will take time, hard work, and a few miracles until you understand why this is so and what it takes to overcome the illusory way of life. Note, however, that there is no guarantee that you can achieve this level of understanding. Life is a game.


What next?

Your primary goal now is to understand your higher intuitive potential (STEPS 2-4 of the 5 STEPS) and what it takes to develop this potential. Only by doing so can you reduce your TSA. You have just learned a great secret of life.

Most people on this planet will never find out about themselves what you discovered in the last hour! However, if your expectations have not been met, you will have to change them. All expectations come from our deceitful mind and are mental traps.

Let us know what you think via the contact form or social media, below!


If you are the right person with the right attitude, we can offer you an exciting way to move forward. There will be challenges, rewards, pain, hope, and progress. At some point, you will work with God directly and personally. Note, however, that:


  • God chooses His people, not us. He is God, not us.

If you are ready and serious about your future in this life and the next, Anti-coaching may be for you.

RW / FTC Harvest Founder

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The Two Life Paradigms course

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  • But woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man! It would be better for him if he had not been born. Matt. 26:24

The Two Life Paradigms course is designed for individuals aged 30 and above who have reached the third step in their job or career and have not given up on their highest dreams and ideals – the lost sheep never do that.

If you fall under this category, you may experience great turmoil and crisis around your 40s. How you come out of this situation will impact the rest of your life and beyond!

The course is based on real-life experiences of entering an unknown area of life and breaking our illusory cocoon of social personality, career, and success. This course won't solve your problems, but it will help you understand the real choice we face in midlife, which is the key to overcoming all our first part of life problems.

  • If you want to be notified when the course goes life, subscribe to the form below. 

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