What makes us different from animals?

It's not the mind. All animals have minds too. Only be developing our God-given dreams and ideals, we can overcome our animal nature which makes our humanity powerless. 

About 5 STEPS

This process can help to find out if you have the right inner resources to overcome your TSA (powerlessness and animal nature)!

You can do this process in 45 minutes, 2 years of never!

  • Do the 5 STEPS in writing!



Step 1

1. Describe five, or more, personality traits for which you are accepted, liked and honored by others.  

2. Describe five, or more, most negative traits of your character. You hide these aspects from other people and possibly from yourself.


Step 2

Describe your most noble, imaginative, idealistic, and exciting traits of your character. You may not be aware of them or keep these higher qualities to yourself.


Step 3

1. Turn on your epic side and describe the highest vision for your life.

2. Who are the people surrounding you in this vision?​

Step 4


Dive deep into your heart.


  • Is there an epic task waiting for you there?

  • What is it? 

  • Don't worry about clarity now, write down what you have now!


Step 5

Ask yourself this question:​


  • What do you want to do with the second part of your life?​

The real and natural answer is contained within these 5 STEPS.

You can give up now or fight for more clarity. 

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The war of two minds!

The only real war!

Mental Detox (2)

Why do you think that you're powerful if you're not?

How can you gain more clarity about your true human potential?

What really makes us powerless?

What is the first level of true personal power?

There's a whole new world to be discovered.

If you've made it this far, congratulations. Only a few people can do it.

You have our email. Write to us and we'll take it from there.

How to write to us properly?

Answer this one question:

  • What do you need from us now?

Copy and paste your answer to your message and will let you know your next step. 

Life is a game no one can win without the real God on his or her side!

Only God can break the ancient curse of Genesis 3!

  • We can show you your inner animal and your inner human, if you are ready!

FTC Harvest Team

Your standards are not right


All God inspired great fairy tales, legends, Greek myths and the Bible carry one and the same message! ALL these magical sources promote the same values; everyday courage, doing the right thing and trust in life / God. 

  • Your high TSA shows that you follow wrong standards. They disempower you and you don't see it!

No man can overcome his powerlessness by his or her own efforts. All we can do is to create social powerful or not so powerful masks and illusions!

  • Does this means that our case is lost?

Of course not, but there is no guarantee! You need to play a game with God!

Abstract Linear Background

The God of the world is not real!

Have you already tried ordinary psychology, personal development, spirituality, religion or [name your thing]. If so, you already know that all these methods are powerless illusions! If you don't know that, look at your TSA! 

All human efforts are summarized by the real God in just one sentence.  

  • 4 Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean? not one. Job 14

The Sisyphus myth applies to all men with high TSA!