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We are here to help the Biblical lost sheep!

Our mission: 

  1. Help the Biblical lost sheep enter their version of the Narrow Path.

  2. Build a network of faith-driven companies.



If you are the Biblical lost sheep, you must exit all forms of ordinary life. There is only one safe way to do that - you join your version of the Narrow Path and follow the Holy Spirit. He holds the blueprint of our freedom - the lion self.

Turning the lost sheep into a lion self is natural, but also the toughest gig on the planet! Why struggle? Both hell and heaven are real, believe it or not. 

The worst is already behind us!

The Narrow Path

About my Narrow Path

The beginning

My Narrow Path began on August 31st, 2002. Soon after I received from God, yes from God, new goals:

  • Why do people choose toxic fights over harmonious cooperation?

  • Why don't value-based tools work in real life?

  • Where is joy?


These goals are instrumental in the first great stage of the process. 

Receiving the WORD!

In December 2012, I received the WORD, marking the beginning of the process of inner rebirth. This phase has been the most painful and dramatic part of my Narrow Path.


In March 2023, I completed a ten-year-long process of the rebirth of my spirit, marking the completion of the first great stage of the Narrow Path (redemption). At this level, the passing of time is no longer a problem because my reborn Spirit Self is already liberated from the second death (Rev. 2:11).

Inner joy

In April 2013, I received inner joy, marking the beginning of the process of inner rebirth. People search for joy, but they can't find it. They don't understand that the source of true (lasting) joy exists outside of the Matrix (Rev. 2:7). Without inner joy, it would be impossible to survive the hardship of the spiritual rebirth.

The second great phase starts now

It's about co-creating with God His mind in a fallen man. 

Note that according to the higher law of Matthew 20:1-16, the process of creating the first level of new self (Mark 4:8) can take much less time. In practical terms, this means that what took me 20 years, you can achieve in 7-10 years. This is a small price to pay to escape a senseless life and the torments of hell.


Robert Wyszyński

Former international business lawyer and corporate executive.

Now: a redeemed biblical sheep in the process of transformation.

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FTC Harvest Founder

I'm also the creator of this site and Mental Detox instructor. 


I have two goals for the second part of my life:


  • 7. He that overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God, and he will be my child. Rev. 21). 

  • Creating a new type of company - a faith driven company.


The first goal is very practical because only eternity can solve our mundane problems. Jesus and Einstein taught the same. This amazing goal can only be achieved here on earth, and only on the Narrow Path. I'm already at 3/7 of my Rev. 21:7 process.

About the second goal:

This faith-driven company will solve a problem that affects 100% of business, religious, and spiritual organizations (and most families) on this fallen planet:


  • a culture of false integrity and double standards producing life-destroying hypocrisy.

I also offer a unique process called Anti-coaching that is designed to help individuals understand the power and process of developing their intuitive mind - our most precious God-given gift.


The coming AI/NWO revolution sets the epic stage for the growth and flourishing of our intuitive mind!

The ancient course of Genesis 3.jpg

Modern version of the Jacob's Ladder, Genesis 28:10-17


My work also aims to help people understand the lasting impact of the ancient curse of Genesis 3, which results in false self-identification and existential suffering. By breaking free from this false identity, you can greatly expand your perception.

The record holder I worked with took 7 months to experience the liberating "Aha, my ordinary SELF is not me!" However, in the last case, the person I worked with needed as much as 3 years to achieve the same results. 

Breaking the false self paradigm is a must-process for all people aged 30 and above who wish to elevate their life to a higher level and overcome the material paradigm of compromised relationships, ranging from War to Win-Win levels. Genuine relationships and freedom from debilitating suffering start at the level of Faith-Driven Cooperation. This level cannot be accessed by any sort of pathological self-seeking narcissists, psychopaths, Machiavellian people, intellectuals, or those driven by a victim mentality ('poor me').


Anti-coaching is a process guided by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, all people I have worked with have experienced expansion of their lives. 

Finances: At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need. The goal is equality. 2 Corinthians 8:14

The sooner you realize that you are nobody, the sooner you will become somebody..png

"I" -  the greatest confusion on the planet


  • What does it mean when I say “I”?

  • Is it the false or the true self?

  • Which "I" prays to which God?

  • Ordinary life vs. the Narrow Path.

  • Why and how must we solve the confusion of the self?

To learn more subscribe to the THE TWO LIFE PARADIGMS course in the footer, below. Don't want to wait? Dare the impossible and join Anti-coaching!

Limited time

There is an individual and collective time limit to join the Narrow Path. If you are a biblical lost sheep, hurry up because the global Human Harvest has already begun.

6. Seek the Lord while he may be found;
   call upon him while he is near;
7 let the wicked forsake his way,
   and the unrighteous man his thoughts;
let him return to the Lord, that he may have compassion on him,
   and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.
Isaiah 55

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