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Artificial Intelligence vs. Bliss

We love technology and use it every day; however, there is a hidden dark reason for AI to become part of our everyday culture.

Artificial Intelligence will play a vital role in the final chapter of this civilization. According to Revelation 14, everyone will face a choice:

  • to join the digital reality and remain forever chained to darkness OR WORSE!

  • to pursue the reality of freedom and bliss.

The problem? People will not see this choice for what it is. Instead of joining the process that ultimately leads to bliss, most will simply try to escape the coming digital slavery. So, they will end up in a vacuum that leads to suffering and nothing else.

Image by julien Tromeur

We cannot emphasize how important it is to be ready for the coming choice. Two humanities will result from this process.


As long as you are not aware of the nature and workings of the Original Sin in everyone, including yourself, you are not ready to properly face the coming dilemma.

This site can help, as it is created from years of personal experiences of understanding and overcoming the Original Sin structures in our life. Our Mental Detox program is a tool to put into practice revolutionary perspectives you can find on our site.

We live in a culture built on illusions, half-truths, and lies. Pride, hypocrisy and self-righteousness blind billions. Therefore, detoxing from this toxic mental garbage is a must-have process.

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