Mental Detox (1)

Do you have the right inner resources to overcome your inner powerlessness?

99,99% or more people don't see that our personal power is an illusion. To grasp this point, you will need to gather more knowledge and tap into the source of real inner power. It's a process only a few people can go through!


Life is a bitch! Your illusions of democracy and equality end here!

Are you the one?

We will never tell you the real answer, because we don't know!  Our job is to help you play your game right! We are winning ours, so we can help a little!

Here comes your next test. 

Inner resources test

Only fools believe in the wicked lie that men are created equal. 


You can do this process through your ordinary mind or you can test the future way of life! It may be a shocking experience to newcomers. You can do this process the wrong way or the right way. It's a mind game!

Remember, the magic of the first time happens only once!

Choose your options and good luck!

If you do this process right, it can be a beginning of  a lifelong journey to overcome your powerlessness and also animal nature. True humans are not born, they are made in a SUPERNATURAL process!


About Mental Detox

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