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1. The living heros 

In a Darwinian society, every person who leaves youth will encounter a fundamental problem: How to survive? What strategy shall I choose? Initially, it is all about survival, then the bar is raised to succeeding and eventually even to flourishing in life. And here it comes, the promised land of a career. What makes the attraction of a career so powerful?

A young man is naturally looking for a role model. A hero would be a good example. The more real and alive the role model is, the better. A living hero would be perfect. There we are. People with great careers are like great flagships at sea. They inspire awe, admiration, and desire. They are the living embodiment of faith and hope for a better future. They are the living proof that a better future is not only a possibility, it exists.


2. The real gods


Every great religion must promise something of great value, but beyond the current reach of an individual. The prospect of a great career inflames the imagination of so many, but why? It is one simple belief that makes a career the greatest religion on Earth. This is it: "A good career promises a good life." Who doesn't want to have a good life? They speak to us in a language we can understand: 


  • Work hard, be brave and smart, and one day, you will join our world. We own the sky! Look at our lifestyle. Heaven can be reached right here, on Earth. 


No ordinary man is capable of resisting their tempting banner of success, power, prestige, and social standing. Who would resist the ancient siren in modern disguise? And of course, there are those who oppose a career, a poor minority of losers or unfulfilled artists. Let them suffer.

3. The beginning of career

The college years are great fun, but all that matters is what happens later. The initial stages of a career vary. If a man goes well, a career quickly opens the door to new life experiences. Others need to wait a bit or work harder, but eventually, they too will find new people and challenges that match their hopes and capabilities.


Those who are not afraid to jump into the sea of professional experiences will find the risk and thrill of fierce competition. Everyone wants to climb the social ladder.


Is this not what a good career is all about? 


4. The law of career

Every career is governed by the same basic law.

It doesn't matter if it is the career of a beautiful actress, a policeman, a politician, or a scientist. This is a very powerful law:


  • When our career grows, we grow!

This dynamic seems to be very natural. We learn new skills, gain clients, and engage in various projects. The more, the better we are. After some time, the first fruits of our hard work appear.

Our salaries grow, there comes a promotion and more responsibility. More prestige adds to our social growth. Our circle of friends and professional contacts extends. If our career flourishes, so do we. Many people envy us, so we feel appreciated by our family and friends. Our religion just works, so do we. Is this not great?

5. The meaning of life 


Career is good. It gives our lives direction, goals, next steps. It supports our personal goals. It gives us a sense of security and hope. We can plan our future.

  • Career leads to freedom, right?  


This conclusion seems to be so natural. Therefore, in the early stages of career, there is only one way - forward. It's just common sense.


Life speaks for itself. How often do we hear about dramas of people losing their jobs?


  • A good career is a good thing, no doubt about it. 

Family on Digital Tablet


If my career grows, I grow! (2).png

6. The first crack

Of course, life is not black or white. A career has its shadow sides. Everyone encounters nasty people and obstacles. There are times of fatigue, stress, problems at home, conflicts, or even boredom. But this is just part of life. Everyone suffers from time to time. There is no free ride.

We need to be practical and strong. All upcoming bills and mortgages must be paid in full. Kids need to go to school, and that costs.

All such thoughts are justified as they point to real problems. A good career helps us combat these everyday obstacles and challenges. A mature person will embrace the good and shadow sides of a career. 


  • It's gonna be okay. Let's move on!

7. The false happiness 


Have you arrived at your bliss already?

  • It will pass.

  • There is nothing you can do about it.

However, the experience of the illusion of true happiness can be priceless, later. 

Pattern of illusions.png

8. The law of career stops working 


But for some reason, it is not. At some point, the fundamental premise and promise of a career break. The invisible link between external growth and the sense and feeling of personal growth simply does not work anymore.


Above a certain threshold, an increase in earnings, another recognition, or simply an increase in the career does not translate into improved well-being and life satisfaction. And it even gets worse!

But why exactly?

And it will get even worse!


9. The shadow of career

How is it possible that there are so many people who enter the world of a career with fresh energy, enthusiasm, and hopes only to find out, somewhere around their forties, that they have been robbed of their life energy? Many will feel depleted, their will to live will be diminished. They will become victims of depression or professional burnout.


  • How is it that so many, instead of growing and blossoming, become addicted to alcohol, sex or drugs?

  • Some take on even more work to kill the inner feelings of emptiness, bitterness or dissatisfaction and end up as workaholics. But why?

  • Why do so many become lifeless (corporate) stock, ripe for replacement by younger and stronger people? 

  • How is it that a career that offers so much becomes a deadly trap? 

Commercial Building at Night

Have you already reached the third level of your career?


And if so, do you still trust in your mind?


Do you have the right spiritual resources to overcome your current reality?

Answer this one question:

  • Does life hold in store for you more than your actual reality?


Don't think, use your intuition.


If your answer is YES, even if it's a vague YES take our Mental Detox!

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