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Faith Driven Company 
in an Upside Down world

Faith driven cooperation

Wilderness and the Promised Land!
Career illusion

Man's faith vs. God's faith

Before we engage in a fascinating process of Faith Driven Company, first let's understand the nature of true faith.

True faith, a new heart, and redemption are one and the same thing / process. 


The basic level of true faith is 30 (Mark 4:8). To obtain true faith, you must join the Narrow Path and overcome your evil/social self. True faith is SUPERNATURAL in essence, therefore it can only be created by SUPERNATURAL means. This is a very difficult, dangerous, but also most constructive process. Rev. 2:7-11 describes the stage of the Narrow Path where true faith is being co-created with God.

"I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich)" - I used to be a rich professional lawyer, but lost everything (part of the process of building real faith) during my Narrow Path. Therefore, during the building real faith stage, I had to rely 100% on God's provision for food and shelter.

6. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matt. 33


Shelter was always there, but there were times when I had no food. In such cases, my metabolism was under the control of the Holy Spirit, so I did not feel hungry, really. However, while I was poor, I also became rich because God gave me amazing knowledge, insights, and so much more.

YOU CANNOT CREATE TRUE FAITH WHILE LIVING AN ORDINARY LIFE. God says this in plain language: "Those who are in the realm of the flesh cannot please God" (Romans 8:8).


Your time will come during the coming Great Tribulation. Millions of people will be able to create true faith during that time. Seek the Narrow Path so your process may start earlier, and you may join the army of 144,000.

Any article on internet about faith is written from the human perspective. God cannot be mocked. Whatever God does is extremely difficult but worth the troubles. Faith is the real cosmic current that can buy what money can't!

Overcoming the power of (self) destruction at work

Have you attened a team work retreat?​

Did you ask yourself this question?

Why this wonderful spirit of openess and cooperation cannot last forever. Why it dies as soon as we go back to the office? 

Nobody knows, however the real answer is hidden in the plain sight!


All modern companies commit the same unpardonable sin! 

Top down vision and mission forces people to compromise their core values, thuse giving birtht to double standards; offcial company and unofficial individual visions and missions. 

This invisible gap between official and unofficial reality creates a space where culture of lies is born; top down and bottom up. No wonder such an opaque and competitive environment causes stress, burnout and depression! But there is more!

These unnatural structures create an ideal environment to breed deadly:



The Upside Down Company will change that!​​

The cage of mediocre relationships / cooperation


How many times, together with other people, have you tried to build a relationship, create a dream team, implement a project, set up a company or [fill in]? 

It was supposed to be great! 

And what was the outcome?

Do you remember?



Let us remind you…



In the beginning was an idea, some had great vision.
Soon people appeared and action followed.
Thus strategy and hope were born.
There were trust and confidence, commitment and enthusiasm.
Divine emotions!
Of course, everyone had great expectations!



But after a while, things started to grind. 

  • Someone concealed something.

  • Someone gossiped about someone.

  • Someone felt offended.

  • Someone lied. 

  • Someone did not keep his or her word. 


The air became heavy.
Problems arrived and began to grow. 
A conflict developed, which initially went unnoticed.
Finally, there was a fight, whether concealed or open.



How did it end? 

Who won?
Who lost?
Did someone leave?

The damage was done.



Even if you reached a compromise, distaste remained.

Confidence, enthusiasm, and trust disappeared too.



But everyone wanted well…
It was supposed to be great.
And yet, the outcome was “business as usual” or worse.




Why do things go wrong?

Does it have to be like this?

How can Murphy’s law be circumvented?

There must be a way!

So, you believe!



You hope that one day you will finally succeed and become a free human being.

This is why, you will keep trying to build another project, relationship, so you can finally break free and be free. 

  • You can't, look at your TSA!

  • You are powerless and blind!



1. HOPE 

In the beginning was an idea, some had great vision.Soon people appeared and action followed.Thus strategy and hope were born.There were trust and confidence, commitment and enthusiasm.Divine emotions!Of course, everyone had great expectations!

You already know how the story ends!​


  • People with high TSA will never exit this cage!

Faith Driven Company will operate outside of this false reality.


Ⓒ  FTC Harvest

Faith Driven Relationships, Column 2/5, version 5.0.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

FTC Harvest
Faith Driven Company

  • Bottom Up Vision And Mission (BVM)- solves the problem of FALSE INTEGRITY

  • Faith Driven Cooperation (FDC) - Helps to exit The cage of ordinary relationships / cooperation

  • Personal Transparency (PT) - This is a must have ability to overcome the power of self destruction (TSA)!

  • Transparent Disputes Resolutions (TDR) - Turning the tables in life is a process filled with conflicts. TDR helps to transform every conflict into an opportunity / lesson.

  • Upside Down Company (UDC) - To survive the coming NWO Apocalypse, you need to have your ark ready!


Why Upside Down perspective?

The pattern of mental illusions


99,99% or more people can only experience illusions! Here is the basic pattern! 

  • Attraction of attention

  • Abuse of energy

  • Destruction of time

This dynamic is called The broad way of life that leads to destruction.

By following this patter, you will expire like Arnold and the 99,99% or more people on the planet. The pattern of mental illusions has many different forms. Watch the video, below, and find yours!

99,99% or more people live and die dreaming about change!


  • They don't know that change is an illusion.

  • Change operated the same way as the career illusion. 

Watch this video. It shows the illusion of change from many different perspectives. One of them is yours!

Those who are ready to step into a higher game of life, need to to go through a simple Upright Decisions Test!

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