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False integrity

The destructive DNA of every material organization

  • Most organizations (business, religious, spiritual) or movements start with a man who has a vision or who claims to know the truth!

  • He or she may be still alive or not.

  • The great man is usually perceived as somebody charismatic, knowledgable or of good nature and noble character.

  • Out of his love and passion, he will share with people his vision, insights and truths through teachings, a book, etc.  

  • Soon after, a group of special interest / followers will appear filled with great hopes and good intentions.  

  • When such group has been formed a great dilemma will arise.

Here it is:

Whom man should follow: other people and their organization or his own truth (spirit)?

  • If he chooses others, he will betray his integrity and, therefore, become weak, broken, burnout, or depressed. However, by following his core truth and staying in the group, he will find himself in conflict with the group and then be rejected or left in a vacuum.

  • If he chooses his core truth (spirit) and leaves the organization to create his own, eventually, he will recreate the same dilemma for others.

Whatever option he chooses, he will always find himself trapped in the same dilemma. 

  • Staying alone can be beneficial but this is only a temporary solution. 


All material organizations must face this problem that they can't solve. However, the end of materialism is coming together with a solution to the false integrity dilemma.

Imagine a company filled with joy, real values, epic goals, transparent communication and cooperation, and... true spiritual humans.


This is what's coming!

  • FALSE INTEGRITY leads to unwanted compromises → boredom → burnout → and depression... of your lost and oppressed spirit! 

Beyond false integrity ...

False integrity in daily work

False integrity in relationships

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