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FTC Harvest School

How to turn our epic God-given self into reality?


You must be at least 35 years of age!


New Self

People come into this world and return to the Abyss. This is not dead religion but a frightening reality. In their quest for energy, they cannibalize themselves and others. This concept is symbolically encoded in the ancient symbol of Ouroboros, and it is also presented practically on this site.

Those who attempt to fix or heal their dead ordinary lives will always fail because the ancient curse of Genesis 3 always prevails.


However, there exists a group of people destined for redemption from this monstrous cycle. If you are one of them, you carry something epic within you: a dream, a desire, or an ideal (steps 3-5 of the 5 STEPS).

By following your epic goal together with God, you will co-create an entirely new self - the key to your freedom. This self will be immortal. Yes, your body will die, but not your new self. This new self will escape the Abyss. This is the law of Rev. 2:11. We are already at this level and continue to grow. 

In the coming years, the curse of Genesis 3 will be broken for many (steps 1 & 2 of the 5 STEPS). What took us 20 years, such people will achieve in a much shorter span during the coming New World Order.

We don't have to guess or invent things. We are not theorists, as is often the case with leaders, teachers, coaches, pastors, or spiritual gurus. Here at FTC Harvest, we are currently at 3/7 of our own process, which is why we offer our unique out-of-this-world school.

  • We are real!

  • Are you real?

We are action oriented!

This is not a typical school. We don't teach the mind stuff like knowledge because all mental knowledge belongs to the dead paradigm. However, we do work with inspiring higher perspectives to help people break free from their tricky minds.


We will help you understand the nature of your God-given self (Steps 3-5 of the 5 STEPS process) and what it takes to actualize that potential. While each individual's journey is unique, the fundamental milestones are the same and documented in the Bible.


The problem?

As you've already learned, your mind can be a fierce adversary. It has the potential to lead people into a lifestyle of powerlessness, loneliness, and burnout. Billions suffer because suffering is the easy path—you don't have to put up a fight.


We're not driven by business; we're guided by higher laws and principles. As long as you trust your mind, you won't fully grasp them. Much will depend on how you can navigate the stage of confusion. You see, true freedom is both a complex and supernatural race and a profound mystery.

We only work with individuals who are willing to fight for their true selves. We will guide you on what to do, but only after you've met all the necessary conditions and passed the required tests. Your first test is right below.

The Fairness Test


The basic rule: Do this process wholeheartedly or do nothing!


  1. Why?: You have been given a lot; now is your time to reciprocate. This is the right thing to do!

  2. Challenge: You need to overcome your tendency to get something for nothing.

  3. Risk: You are making a donation, not a payment for services.

  4. Ask for help: To make the right donation, don't think; instead, ask God for help. You don't have to believe in Him. If you are the right person, He knows you already!

  5. Faith: When you hear His inner whisper or are otherwise inspired, you must follow His guidance no matter what. Act spontaneously, quickly, and with inner faith.

  6. Validation test: At first, your controlling mind will resist. However, if you persist and follow God's inspiration wholeheartedly, you will feel satisfaction because you will have done the right thing!

  7. Reward: Your next step is your reward.

  8. Greater Vision: This practice will be essential to overcome the coming traps and trials that are part of the New World Order and is also indispensable for anyone who is in the process of building a new self.

  9. What's your dream? Only through this new self can you turn your highest dreams, ideals, and deepest desires into a new life.


To send us your message, use the "Write us a comment" box or use the contact form. If you are a fair person, there will be a next step! 


FTC Harvest Team

The Identity Revolution

What we're doing will bring about something unprecedented in this troubled world: a profound shift in our sense of self, leading to a whole new reality. This transformation is detailed in a book that only a select few, those with their redeemed and reborn selves, can truly comprehend—the Bible.

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