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FTC Harvest School
for real people!

Real people cannot be taught by other people.

If you are real, you have a higher mission to accomplish in the second part of your life.

Our job is to help you understand the path that leads to discovering your real self and your inborn mission (Steps 3-5 of the 5 STEPS process).

Our second goal is to create an environment where we can practice new ways of cooperation, communication, and development - transparent and [you are not ready]!

If you have completed the 5 STEPS and calculated your TSA, you already possess knowledge that 99.99% or more of the people on this planet lack. You are aware of the imminent inner battle between your opposing forces.

If this perspective does not motivate you to take another step towards your freedom, it means:

  • your time has not come yet or you are not one of us! 


We currently live in two parallel realities: the days of Noah (NWO, transhumanism, AI, and slavery) and the days of the Son of Man (NWO, AI, epic transformation, freedom).

FTC Harvest is a part of the Son of Man reality. To understand this perspective, you will need to expand your perception, not through new knowledge, but by getting to know yourself better.

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Your next step

5 STEPS.jpg

5 STEPS the Upright way

To gain more clarity about your epic self, you will need to redo the 5 STEPS process again, the Upright way.


TSA - Human inner powerlessness

This is not a hot topic, but we must address it. True human power can only emerge within the context of our powerlessness. It's a paradox.

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Are you real? 

These two simple tests will help you find out. 

Write down what you think you need from us.


  • Establish the value of your needs.

  • Determine how much you are willing to pay.


Okay, now you have a rough idea of what you need.


This is a crucial point. Your true self (Steps 3-5 of the 5 STEPS) comes from a real God. He despises all human religions, spiritual paths, personal development, career, and psychology because they all produce mental illusions. However, only He can help you turn your highest dreams and ideals into a higher reality.  Therefore, you need His help. You will need to follow His guidance through your intuition. This way of life is called faith. Can you do that?


Your next test will help you set your priorities and contributions right through intuitive faith! This is the most powerful way of life on the planet. It's a paradox!

The Real Faith Test

Can you follow God's intuitive guidance?

 We live in a giant mental trap that can only be exited by our epic identity. 

The Real Test Faith

The Real Faith Test

Ask God for help, wholeheartedly.


You don't have to believe in Him. If you are the right person, He already knows you!


When you hear or feel His inner whisper or are otherwise inspired, act spontaneously and quickly, or your mind will sabotage your process. You must act wholeheartedly or do nothing! God does not honor compromises. Follow His guidance precisely, drop your expectations and have faith!


When filling in the donation form, use the "Write us a comment" box to let us know what you need from us. What matters now is that you follow God no matter what! Only the real people can do that!

If you do your part, we will do ours! However, if you hear nothing from God, you are on your own! True heroes never give up. 


Our redemptive path can be daunting, but it's the bravest journey you can embark upon.

Your donation will help FTC Harvest to spread the good news.


FTC Harvest

Becoming real is an epic all-or-nothing race and game!

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