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God's Psychology

Into the Promised Land, in the second part of life!

Human vs. God's Psychology

This is the simplest map of the human psyche. It's effective because it's intuitive and practical. Human psychology focuses on three areas of the human psyche, while the UNKNOWN SELF quadrant is omitted from the picture.

God's psychology addresses all areas of our being.

Our primary goal is to help people understand and get ready for the most important choice everyone will have to make. It's coming.

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God's Psychology and you

  • You must be a minimum of 35 years old.

  • God's Psychology (GP) is not religious or spiritual in the human way (mental).

  • GP is a higher alternative to human social illusions disguised as reason, knowledge, wisdom, etc.

  • To benefit from GP, you will need to receive acceptance from God and follow His biblical laws and principles.

To work with us, you must reach the maximum potential of your false self and be willing to move beyond your mental and social illusions. This usually happens when people reach the third level of their work/career.

God's psychology
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