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You are investing in the wrong self!

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Don't lose your humanity and ... immortality!

The entire world is built to hide the human flaws and imperfections described in task 2 and develop the qualities emphasized in task 1. This is tragic, as the most important human qualities described in task 3 remain suppressed and undeveloped.


As a result, people live mediocre and meaningless lives. In the end, they feel they've lost something, but don't know what – they've lost everything! But why?

99.99% or more people spend their entire lives trying to win acceptance from others (task 1) and hiding their flaws and imperfections (task 2), so they lose their humanity and even immortality (task 3). 

Not on this site though! We are already at 3/7 of our human harvest!


FTC Harvest

May 2024

Examples of realities created by human illusory self

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