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Life crisis

Life crisis—the great opportunity to start breaking the curse of the Original Sin

Why Crisis?
  • Have you finally discovered your purpose in life?

  • Not yet?

  • That's why you're in crisis!

Also, you pursue wrong goals; it's complicated.

Most people in crisis waste this precious time in the comfort of their self-pity or invest in social illusions. They:

  • Seek professional advice

  • Follow strange teachings or gurus

  • Pray to a man-made version of Jesus or other gods

  • Try to heal or fix their life on their own

  • Change their relationships, job, or career


Once the crisis subsides, they may feel better, but the core issue is still unresolved (the Original Sin). They remain defeated, but they don't know that either.​ 

To work with us, you need a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at yourself.

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