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  • ​Are you the biblical lost sheep?

If you are, you don't know it!

Whatever is happening in the world right now, is designed to set us free! This will be a very dramatic process. 

In these end times, everybody counts because everyone is involved, either in positive or negative human harvest. 


If you are the Biblical lost sheep, you must exit the Matrix / Babylon / all forms of normal life. There is only one safe way to do it, through the Narrow Path. This process is not religious or spiritual but natural! Technically, it can happen on your sofa (more or less).

The positive harvest will turn man into a Christ-like type of human (free, joyful, powerful/God-dependent). However, the negative harvest will downgrade men into slaves of the global AI/NWO system. If you become a part of this system, consider yourself lost forever. It is not the governments or plagues, but ordinary unconscious men who are the greatest future threat. These bio-robots are now undergoing a process of weaponization (polarization). This short clip is not funny.


  • Only God can protect us from these men driven by demons and their life destroying freedoms (insanity)!

About the lost sheep!

The term "lost sheep" refers to individuals who feel disconnected from mainstream society and have a deep desire to find purpose and meaning in life beyond conventional norms.


These people can be found across all levels and sectors of our global society. There is something very unique about them! 

The lost sheep and their spiritual potential

Typically, ordinary people reach their peak in their 40s, and their second half of life tends to be a continuation of the first. However, for those with the spiritual DNA of a lost sheep, the midlife crisis and beyond is a crucial period for self-discovery and fulfilling their inborn purpose.

The life pattern of lost sheep involves an ordinary phase, followed by a critical crisis, a supernatural wilderness stage, and ultimately the fulfillment of their inborn purpose.

These processes are governed by strict laws and rules of life/God and cannot be captured by words or intellectual concepts, though many have tried. Jungian psychology and man-made spiritual paths are examples of such attempts.

The lost sheep group is not understood by modern psychology, religion, or spirituality, which means that there is limited publicly available information about these people. However, there are clues to identify modern-day lost sheep.

Every lost sheep is deeply wounded. All people are somehow wounded, what makes the wound of sheep different is that in our case the key to our healing is encoded in our second default self. From the perspective of your divine self, your wound is an illusion or part of your cocoon. 


Ordinary people try to heal their wounds, we must overcome them. These two processes are very different.

The first one is psychological, the second one is alchemical (Eph. 2:14) and SUPERNATURAL (Matt. 12:31). 


  • What is your addiction?


Rather than trying to heal it, aim to overcome it. For instance, if you struggle with alcoholism, it's crucial not to let alcohol define your identity or believe that you are destined to be an alcoholic for life. Instead of repeating the limiting belief, "I'm an alcoholic," consider adopting a more empowering perspective.


Remember that as a creation of God, your divine/SUPERNATURAL self can overcome any addiction, syndrome, or wound that may be holding you back. Only sheep people can do that.

The lost sheep and their higher potential

These people are natural dreamers, idealists, and mavericks with high intuitive faculties and a great regard for freedom, justice, and integrity. They often feel immature inside but also have an eternal childlike nature.

Until they mature, they may experience emotional abuse, especially from narcissists. At some point, they will become divinely meek (but not weak) and therefore free inside.


Material success alone will never fulfill them. They can co-create with God something material man will never understand nor grasp - the Kingdom within! Because they value freedom so much, they always escape or outgrow all forms of social "isms"!


If you are part of the lost sheep group, your mission is to transform into a lion self, which can only be done SUPERNATURALLY and in the second part of life. For more read the Book of Revelation 2&3.


About the coming AI/NWO revolution:

  • Complying with the NWO will enslave you and lead to hell.

  • Fighting the NWO will get you killed and result in the same fate.

The Narrow Path and co-creating our divine identity with God, as described in Matt. 12:31, Revelation 2&3, is our way to escape the predicted AI digital prison reality (Rev. 13.4) and other calamities associated with the NWO.

The minimum level to achieve is a new heart, characterized by inner joy and a new self (Mark 4:8). To fulfill your potential, you must work together with other "sheep to lions" people.

If you are a lost sheep, it is essential to learn the Royal Art of discrimination between the illusory and the true. Additionally, you need to be able to recognize wolves in sheep's clothing. Here's a practical tip.


  • If you are following a man, a man-made theory, or a traditional personal development process, or if you are a member of a non-transparent organization, you are likely being taken for a ride.


You absolutely must:


  • Learn about understand your sub-personalities from spiritual, not only psychological perspective.

  • Understand the alchemical Matt. 12:31 formula of development and terrible consequences of rejecting the Spirit of life (the Holy Spirit) in your life.

  • Understand the biblical but non-religious narrative of the lost sheep phenomenon; their options, rights and role during the upcoming NWO.

  • Join the Narrow Path and then, only then, leave your ordinary (compromised) church and job, and buy your Bible! This is the law of Rev. 18:4.

  • Receive higher goals from God!


The Biblical lost sheep have the potential to achieve what others can only imitate or dream about. ​Answer two simple questions:

  1. Does live hold something more for you than your current reality?

  2. Do you carry within a vision of your greater/epic self?


Don't think, use your intuition. If your answer to these questions is 2 x YES and the above-presented lost sheep characteristics resonate with you, well, you might be the one. Note, however, that For many are called, but few are chosen Matt. 22:14.


  • Ordinary life is NOT our real life!

  • The Biblical sheep have only one real solution in these end times - God's Narrow Path.

You cannot save yourself from what is coming. Only God has such power, because He controls EVERYTHING! The real God mocks religions, Illuminati, and hates cowards. It's all written in the non-religious coded book called the Bible. Only God can teach man His Bible properly... tough life!

Understanding who you really are is the most profound self-discovery in life.The real biblical lost sheep are… real: Is real - Israel! To become real, you have to shed your social mask, but this process can be delicate, dangerous, and painful. Don't attempt to comprehend these concepts with your ordinary mind, as it can be your ferocious enemy. Our Mental Detox program can help you outsmart your mind, allowing you to see what 99.99% or more people cannot.

  • Are you confused now?

  • You better be!

​RW/FTC Harvest

From the Biblical lost sheep into a lion!

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