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Breaking the curse of the Original Sin - Step No 1

Mental Detox

Bliss: What is the human dimension, how do we get there, and why must we?

Everybody needs a mental detox. Piercing through illusions is a process. Below are examples of topics we will cover.

1. The Original Sin (TSA)

What is the Original Sin, really? Why does nobody talk about something that affects our life, work, and relationships 24/7/365? The basic principles of working with the curse of Genesis 3. How to start decreasing the TSA - getting our stolen personal power back?

2. Understanding how the curse of Genesis 3 operates in daily work

Daily work is the best area of life to start addressing the Original Sin. You will have access to our program: "Hidden Barriers in Communication and Cooperation."

3. What is bliss exactly?

99.99% or more of ordinary people on the planet believe that the game of life is about their ordinary self! It's not. What really matters is our true self.

4. Timing

Has your time come to move from the land of suffering into a higher game of life? Our tools will help you find out.

5. Integrity

You don't have to be perfect! We are all fallible humans. However, realizing true human potential through biblical redemption requires lot's of integrity. 

  • Is a life of integrity part of your core values?

Your first test awaits below. Once you pass it, there will be another set of tasks.


Joining Mental Detox online or in real life and understanding the great enigma of the missing (human) dimension in our life is a process.

The Integrity Test

The basic rule: Do this process wholeheartedly or do nothing!

Why? You have been given a lot; now is your time to reciprocate.

Risk: You are making a donation, not a payment for services.

Ask for help: To make the right donation, don't think; instead, ask God for help.

Intuition/God's voice: Listen to God's whisper and follow it, no matter what. 

Faith: Act spontaneously, quickly, and with inner faith; otherwise, the mind will kick in.

Validation test: If you persist and follow the inner inspiration wholeheartedly, you will feel satisfaction because you will have done the right thing!

Greater vision: You are learning how to bypass your deceptive mind. This life-saving skill has many different forms and is essential in the process of breaking the curse of the Original Sin (TSA).

Reward: Upon completing this form, you'll receive your next tasks. We'll also work on your individual Mental Detox program.

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What happens to those who don't find bliss?

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