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Mental Detox for 30+ lost sheep
From lost intuition into a reborn lion self!


About Mental Detox

We live in a reality made up of lies, but this is not inherently wrong because it's part of the game of life. A crucial aspect of the lie is the concealment of the true nature of human identity. What people believe to be human is only a shallow form without real substance, leaving everyone in this world feeling incomplete.


You can only break free from this system during your midlife crisis and beyond, and only if you choose the path of your intuitive mind and are willing to pay the price for freedom. The intuitive mind is our second default self. Yes, we have two default selves, not one. Our two identities are listed in Genesis 25:

23 Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within you will be separated; one people (social self) will be stronger than the other (intuitive mind), and the older will serve the younger.  (Genesis 25).

Understanding our two default selves opens up the possibility of grasping the nature of our higher midlife choice. Sadly, the vast majority of people (almost everyone, in fact) remain unaware of this critical identity choice and, therefore, begin to deteriorate shortly after reaching their 50s.

Mental Detox is a program rooted in my personal experiences, intuitive insights, and God's perspective. I do not rely on intellectual theories and processes.


The online version of Mental Detox begins with a Personal Power Test, followed by a DIY Career Audit and a Higher Potential Test (5 STEPS).  This self-knowledge will help you overcome the great illusion of this reality - the trap of change. See the video below.

Try to do all the exercises in writing!


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