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Mental Detox

Do you know your human spirit? This is your true self.

Start with a simple test!

This process is highly recommended for people who have reached the third stage of their career/work, facing burnout, hopelessness, or depression. Your spirit is the true key to overcoming your present reality.

  • You must act wholeheartedly and be very honest.

  • Do everything in writing.

The Higher Potential Test


Answer this one question:

  • Does life hold in store for you more than your actual reality?


Don't think, use your intuition.


If your answer is YES, even if it's a vague YES move to the next step. 

We have created a simple but very powerful 5 STEPS to help people "see" into their better future. However, there is a challenge...

  • First, you must bypass the limited perception of your material mind. 

But why and how?

The material mind, a crafty deceiver, will always blind you to your true calling.


  • Only God can unveil your spirit's higher purpose and your ultimate destiny. And this is exactly what you need to overcome your current reality.

The Real Faith Test is a guide to help you break free from the mind's illusory perception.

To succeed in this test, you must do the very things the controlling mind fears and hates most: becoming vulnerable, asking for help, and taking risk.

Let go of your pride (the illusion of knowing better) and good luck!

The Real Faith Test

The basic rule: Do this process wholeheartedly or do nothing!


  1. Why?: You have been given a lot; now is your time to reciprocate. This is the right thing to do!

  2. Challenge: You need to overcome your tendency to get something for nothing.

  3. Risk: Your contribution is not a payment for services, but a donation.

  4. Ask for help: To make the right contribution, ask God for help. If religious connotations make it hard for you to talk to God, use the term "the Universe," "Life" or "Higher Power."

  5. Faith: When you “hear” an inner whisper or are otherwise inspired, you must follow your higher guidance no matter what. Act spontaneously, quickly, and with inner faith; otherwise, the mind will kick in and distort the process.

  6. Validation test: At first, you may feel resistance from your controlling mind. However, if you persist and follow your divine inspiration wholeheartedly, you will feel satisfaction because you will have done the right thing!

  7. Reward: Once you complete this form, you will receive the 5 STEPS process and be able to understand your God-given self, the human spirit.  

  8. Be natural. You don't have to be perfect, just be honest!

  9. Greater vision: You are learning how to bypass your deceptive mind. This life-saving skill has many different forms and will be essential in the coming years and beyond. 


If you do not see our email with the 5 STEPS, check the spam folder. Once you have passed this test we will be able to communicate via other channels. The path from death consciousness to life (immortality) is a divine race and a game.

FTC Harvest


The Riddle of Personal Power

Success, personal development, seeking consciousness, spirituality, [add your stuff] should lead to more personal power. Do they?

You have only a few years to get your stolen personal power back or the NWO and ... death will get you.

Solve this epic riddle, and you will become truly powerful. New humans are coming. They will be meek, powerful and free. Many of them will become immortal. 

  • The last (generation) will be the first (generation of immortals)!

Personal Power Test.png
DIY Career Audit.jpg

You believe you have personal power and are conscious, yet your TSA indicates otherwise.

Taking back your stolen real personal power is a supernatural process!


Our mental detox can help!

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