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Mental Detox

Why and how to break free from the cycles of mental illusions?

The real power of the mind!

Define your mind's cube:

  • I'm [fill in the blanks]!

  • I know [fill in the blanks]!

  • I believe in [fill in the blanks]

  • I don't believe in [fill in the blanks]!

  • My security lies in [fill in the blanks]!

You have just described a few aspects of your illusory reality. Now, because you trust your natural mind: 

  • your are part of the global problem - read more...

  • your relationships are nothing but a compromised cage and constant power games.- read more...

  • at some point you will become bored, burnout or depressed - read more...



  • you often think about changing your life, which is another dead loop, and

  • you try to heal that which is corrupted and destined to perish. 

  • you trust YouTube or Instagram experts and their powerless wisdom and books!

  • you feed your mind with countless mental and social illusions of established authors, pastors, gurus, and [add your thing], and

  • you don't know any of life's most important answers! ​


The real power of the ordinary mind is to limit and destroy true human potential by keeping people in their mental loops.


Watch the video below.

Mental Detox.png

One of these loops is yours!

Group detox

Except in special cases, we don't work with individuals, only groups.

This is a good thing because once in a group, you and your group will have a chance to learn how to break free from the evil, control-driven paradigm in relationships that every group is subject to. And also start overcoming structurally something we call false integrity—the pressure of the group on individuals to compromise their core values.


This is a huge topic that we will address in the near future as new, higher forms of groups, organizations, and businesses will emerge during the coming New World Order.


We are entering times of great separation among people. In the coming years, millions will continue to transform into ugly beasts, while others will persist in their inner cleansing and growth process (redemption). 

11. He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. Revelation 22 KJB 

This division process is already underway, as there are two harvest processes: the evil harvest and God's human harvest. Those who can grasp their two hidden default selves will understand and know what to do in the near future.


The coming human harvest!

What you breed inside, you become!

The most important ladder in life

Why do many achievers feel worse the higher they climb socially?


Discover with us the ultimate ladder in life, the modern version of the ancient Jacob's ladder—God's ladder of epic relationships.


If you don't ascend past the artificial Win-Win level, you'll remain ensnared in the mundane.

Maslow's ladder?

It's merely a faint echo of the human dimension of life.

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