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Mental Detox (1)

What is your true desire(s)

Medusa is the shadow of God's system of human desires that can only be turned into reality by grace and faith. 

God - power

Man's authority - exercised through the new man who has pure desires and higher mind!

The dragon in man as a living (sacrifice) on the alter to God where power meets (inner) man's authority

99,99% or more people don't see that our personal power is an illusion. To grasp this point, you will need to gather more knowledge and tap into the source of real inner power. Not all people can do that.

Here comes your next test.

Note, this site is not edited by a professional, so you know where do we stand linguistically. We might work together in the future.

Do you want to get your real power back?

Most people don't care, so be it. However, if you do care, here comes a fundamental question. 


  • How strong is your desire to become free?

Developing true human desires (real values) is a completely different process from learning new skills, becoming educated, conscious or spiritual. To turn your desire for freedom into reality you must learn to do the right thing, skillfully, not blindly!

This is a must have ability for the coming future! Here is your chance to try the real formula. It will help many people to fight depression, meaninglessness, addictions, the fake New Normal, and so many other problems.


Do the right thing higher formula

  1. The basic rule: Do this process wholeheartedly or do nothing!

  2. Why?:  You have been given a lot, now is your time to  reciprocate. This is the right thing to do!

  3. Challenge: You need to overcome your tendency to get something for nothing (default animal nature). 

  4. Risk: You are making a donation, not a payment for services. 

  5. SUPERNATURAL Helper: To help you make the right thing and outsmart the creator of your TSA - your mind, ask God for help, wholeheartedly. You don't have to believe in Him. If you are the right person, He knows you already!

  6. Trust: Once you hear, in your heart, His inner whisper or are inspired otherwise, you must follow His guidance no matter what. Act spontaneously and fast. If not, your mind will kick in and you lose your chance to get His help to do the 5 STEPS right. 

  7. Validation test: At first, your mind will resist. However, if you persist and follow God's inspiration, you will feel satisfaction, because you will have done the right thing. 

  8. Reward: You might do the 5 STEPS together with God and will join the next step of the Mental Detox program.

  9. Greater Vision: Doing the right thing is the foundation of the new golden Age of humanity (and Personal Transparency) that is coming into our world. The new coming elite are people who will do the right (transparent) thing! Also, this is a must have ability to overcome midlife crisis and the illusion of positive change!

After passing this test and completing the form, you will receive a link to the 5 STEPS and the next step in our program. Mental Detox will help you understand these things!

Note, we are not client oriented but truth oriented. Working with empowering truth is the exact opposite to producing disempowering illusions. This means that, if for some reason, your expectations will not be met, you will have to change your expectations. We don't run a complaints department. You are 100% responsible for your decisions and their consequences! Only by taking responsibility for your actions, you can mature in this immature world. 

Your donation will help

this site to grow.  

If you are not ready to do the right thing here is the access to 5 STEPS

Beware, the magic of the first time happens only once!

If you lose your chance for magic, you will feel regret and the 5 STEPS will only produce some illusions. You have been warned and advised!

UPRIGHT decisions

Learning how to do the SUPERNATURAL (higher) version of doing the right thing is not obvious nor easy! You will be confused for a long time! Also, you will have to struggle with your animal side!

  • To do so effectively, you must be touched personally by God's finger!

If not, you will continue to live a fallen life. There is nothing you can do about it. It does not matter if you are a believer or not. All man's beliefs are powerless illusions. 

Our process of working with God on His supernatural path and epic terms started in our office, behind the desk, during regular business hours, and by surprise! We live in a magical world populated by asleep people!

14 This is why it is said:

“Wake up, sleeper,
   rise from the dead,
   and Christ will shine on you.”

It's very hard to deliver a message about the reality of God now, because it goes against all ordinary beliefs and well established doctrines.  If you do the right thing (the SUPERNATURAL version, not the Martin Luther King Jr version), your TSA goes down and you go UP to God. If you do your own thing, your TSA goes UP and you go down, to hell. The third option is an illusion, because there is no third option. 

  • There is one big identity catch here! 

  • 99,99 or more people don't see it.