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Personal Power Test

1. Count how many times a day, more or less, you do things that: you don't believe in and / or because you feel you should.

2. Count how many times a day, more or less, you think YES in your heart but say NO and vice versa.

3. Count your daily "dose" of little or bigger lies and unwanted compromises.

4. Add gross or habitual transgressions of your conscience!

5. If possible, count the times you want to do/say something but give in to your fears.

Now, add up all these numbers into one and label it as "S".

Almost there, do one more calculation. Use this formula:

S x 365 x 10 = TSA


S -number of daily transgressions against your integrity!

365 - number of days per year

10 - last 10 years, feel free to increase this number.

TSA - total number of self defeating actions during the last 10 years or more.​


  • What is your TSA?

  • It's high, isn't it?

  • You think you have the power, but your TSA tells a different story.

Conclusion No 1

When we trust and follow our minds over time, we become powerless inside. Many people don't notice it, especially those who identify with their powerful social roles. In such cases, they will feel inner turmoil, stress, and a lack of energy.

There is more to it. Take the next step and see how inner powerlessness manifests in the area of our relationships.

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