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The New Normal or the Kingdom?

If you carry within the seed of the Kingdom, the New Normal is not for you. In fact, it's created to push people of the Kingdom, into the Kingdom.

Exiting the ordinary life of the New Normal is not an easy nor obvious process.

  • Your timing must be right!

  • You need a strategy that is aligned with the strategy of the Kingdom (Zeitgeist)!

  • You will need plenty of free time, something to write and a comfortable sofa.

  • You will need to enter a special Kingdom's procedure that provides the right insights, protection and guidance!

  • The path into the Kingdom is both; an inner and outer process.

The NWO takes place for one reason only! Because it's part of God's plan of the end times Human Harvest! All men work for God, some willingly, some not!

FTC Harvest


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