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What is real?

This shot from the Matrix movie captures the cover of the book that describes the profound idea of simulacrum and simulation - the building blocks of our illusion we call reality.

Here is the author, Jean Baudrillard, who discovered this amazing structure of the Matrix.

A great example of how the Matrix uses the principle of simulacrum to swallow alive its inhabitants.

And here is a very important symbol/simulacrum - Buckingham Palace - of the horizontal line of the Matrix.

Without knowing what is real, you will never be able to set real goals. All people who pursue unreal goals end up burnt out inside and hopeless about the future.

The 30+ midlife crisis and beyond is the perfect time to get more real! If you have reached the third level of your job/career, it's the highest time to start understanding what is real and what is not.

The art of discrimination between what is real and what is not is Royal Knowledge!

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