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3 Stages of career

The amazing world of career

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How to fit into society?


In a Darwinian society, every young man and woman must deal with a fundamental problem:


  • How do I fit into the society of adults?


Initially, it's all about survival. Then the bar is raised to succeeding or even flourishing in life. The choice of a career seems not only natural and optimal but also very attractive.

What makes the charm of a career so powerful?


Every religion promises something of greater value than life of suffering and daily struggle. Eternal life may seem very attractive, but there is no tangible proof.

The promise of a career is very simple:


  • A good career leads to a good life!


And who doesn't want to have a good life, here on earth? This is what makes career so attractive!




A young man is naturally looking for a role model. A living hero would be perfect. There we are. People with great careers are like epic flagships. They are a living proof that a better future is not only a vague and distant possibility, but a tangible reality.

So many successful people started from nothing, this is why we can identify with them so easily. They are the living embodiment of our dreams. These living heroes have already paved the way! A career just makes sense. But there is more.




Every religion orbits around the idea of God. Have you seen one?


The world of career features a whole pantheon of gods. They're in the Fortune 500, in magazines, TV shows, everywhere. They speak to us in a language we can understand:


  • Work hard, be brave and smart, and one day, you will become successful. Look at our lifestyle, we own the sky! Heaven can be reached right here, on earth.


A young man is naturally attracted to the call of an ancient mermaid in a modern disguise. This is natural. Everyone wants the best for his or her life. 

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The college years are great fun, but what really matters is what happens later.

The initial stages of every career vary. If everything goes well and you are not afraid to take risks and work hard, many new doors will open up once you enter the amazing world of career. New challenges, people, and projects are waiting around the corner. 

It is only natural that everyone wants to give his or her best to advance in their career. Is this not what life is made for?

Others, less fortunate, need to wait a bit longer, but eventually, they too, will find new opportunities that match their capabilities. The god of career is merciful. Most prayers will be answered.





After some time, we can start to reap the first fruits of hard work. Our salaries grow, there comes a promotion and more responsibility. Newly won prestige adds to our social growth. Our circle of friends and professional contacts will expand. Many will envy our success. We will receive appreciation from family and friends.

  • Do you need more proof that the religion of career just works?

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Good career is a good thing. It gives us direction, goals, next steps, a sense of security, and hope for the future. It supports our personal goals. 

  • Good career leads to good life and freedom, right? 


This conclusion seems to be so natural. Therefore, in the early stages of career, there is only one way - forward.


t's just common sense. How often do we hear about dramas of people losing their jobs? Life speaks for itself.  A good career is a good thing, no doubt about it. Besides, there is this law, that we feel and instinctively know to be true.



Are you from the US, Italy, China or anywhere else? You can be a beautiful actress, a policeman, a politician, a scientist, or just a clerk. It doesn't really matter. Every career is governed by one and the same basic law:

  • If my career grows, I grow!

This law is so obvious. It needs no further explanation. 

If you have doubts or conflicting feelings about your place in the world at this stage of your career, they will be easily overruled by your inner drive to succeed in life.

Something is wrong! 



Of course, life is not black or white. Everyone encounters unpleasant people and some obstacles. There are times of fatigue, stress, conflict, or even boredom. But these are just part of life. Everyone suffers from time to time. Therefore, we say to ourselves:

  • There is no free ride. We must be practical and strong. All the bills and mortgages must be paid. The kids need to go to school. We simply need money.

All of these thoughts are valid because they point to real life concerns. Mature people will embrace both sides of career. 

At this level, if you have any doubts or conflicting feelings about your place in the world, they will become real problems.  Also, you will start thinking about changing your life, job or career!

  • If you have the spark, DON'T DO THAT! It's a trap!





At some point, the invisible link between success and inner satisfaction will cease to work. Higher earnings, peer recognition and even career advancement will no longer translate into more happiness!

And it will get even worse!


Warning: Now, you may get a bit agitated. Facing reality is never a pleasant experience. However, to move beyond your current reality, first, you must understand your present situation.

  • And what is your present situation? 


From caterpillar to real human


  • How is it possible that there are so many people who enter the world of a career with fresh energy, enthusiasm, and hopes, but only after 10-15 or more years they change into something they would never want to become?

  • Why the simple and obvious law of career doesn’t work anymore? 

  • Why so many professionals who wanted to conquer the world now struggle to survive another day? 

  • Why instead of flourishing, they become alcohol, sex or drug addicts? Some will take on more work to kill the inner feelings of emptiness, bitterness or dissatisfaction. So, they end up as workaholics. Why?

  • Why so many will turn into a lifeless (corporate) stock, ripe to be replaced by the younger and stronger? 

  • Why after 10 or 15 or more years, so many want to escape their careers and lives? 

  • How come a career that offers so much can become a deadly trap? 


The third stage of career is very tricky!

When you started your job or career 10 or 15 years ago, did you want or plan to get stuck in routine, boredom, burnout, stress, or depression? Of course not, and yet it happen all the time to millions of people. But why? Nobody really knows.


Well, we do, because we have broken free from our cocoons and ventured into the unknown areas of life.

In 2012, we regained our lost joy and began to travel the less-traveled path of our inborn higher purpose. If you are beyond your 30+, you should do the same if you wish to live as a victor, rather than a (spiritual) loser.


Note, however, that it's very difficult to move from the illusion of success to a victorious life paradigm, but that is exactly what every lost sheep must do

What next?

What happens to a caterpillar after it has finished building its cocoon? It enters the next phase of life and transforms into a butterfly.

Now, imagine that same caterpillar unable to undergo this transformation for some reason. It would likely feel stuck, depressed, and uncertain about its future. This is precisely what occurs with those who feel lost and aimless in their careers, having reached the third stage of their professional lives.  What unfolds from this point on will determine your future, in this life and beyond.

If you find yourself at the third level of your job or career, you must break free from your cocoon. Your social self and career are just the first steps in your human development. What comes next?

Take our TWO LIFE PARADIGMS course and discover how to break free from; (i) your cocoon, (ii) ordinary thinking, (iii) the trap of mere change and take the high road.

If you want to be notified when the course goes life, subscribe to the form below. 

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