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What is personal power, really?
FTC Harvest Mental Detox

Take this simple test


  1. Count how many times a day, approximately, you do things you don't believe in or do because you feel you should.

  2. Count how many times a day, approximately, you think YES in your heart but say NO, and vice versa.

  3. Count the number of little or big lies and unwanted compromises you make each day. Include any major or habitual transgressions against your conscience. 

  4. If possible, note the number of times you wanted to do or say something but gave in to your fears.

  5. Add up all of these numbers and label the sum "S." 


Now, do one more calculation using this formula: 


S x 365 x 10 = TSA 


S: the number of daily transgressions against your integrity. 
365: the number of days in a year. 
10: the past ten years (feel free to increase this number). 
TSA: the total number of self-defeating actions during the past ten years or more.


What is your TSA?

You think you have power, but your TSA tells a different story. 

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Why do we create lives, work, and relationships we don't want and didn't plan for?

Our daily work is the perfect place to start understanding real personal power

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