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 Breaking the ancient curse of the Original Sin (Genesis 3)! 

The biblical and alchemical path from burnout and depression to bliss and beyond!

Built from personal experiences, we regained our inner joy—the first level of bliss—in 2012

Curse? What curse?

Imagine a fish living outside of water. In our case, the equivalent of water is the human dimension of reality. All men who are disconnected from this spiritual reality (life/bliss) are:

  • Suffering

  • Aimless

  • Confused about their identities

  • Controlling, toxic, or submissive

  • Driven by lower desires

  • Trapped in ordinary work or career, power games. 

  • Powerless inside - take the test

  • Abusing or being abused

  • Playing social roles, lacking authenticity

  • Trapped in cursed relationships

  • Add your problems you cannot solve no matter how hard you try.


Fortunately, around midlife, those chosen ones will experience boredom, burnout, and depression. This crisis is their chance to start breaking the ancient curse of Genesis 3 and reconnect with the human dimension of reality. We used to be part of this life/bliss reality; hence, we instinctively want to get back the life we once had but lost.

Crystal Salt

The human dimension

There is no such thing as a fulfilled human being outside of the human dimension (life/bliss). You can be rich, famous, a genius, powerful, etc. However, as long as we are outside of our natural environment — the human dimension — we will merely exist. 

To learn more, watch the video.

All cursed people make the same mistake

  • They look for higher qualities and meaningful experiences in a place where these values do not exist.

  • People yearn for human connection outside of the human dimension of reality.

  • They look for water where there is none.

But why?

The crushing weight of the Original Sin continues to burden humanity (Genesis 3). All people are affected, and that includes you—take the test.

Here, at this site, we started our process of breaking our version of Original Sin long ago. It's more than just ego that binds us. Pursuing bliss is part of this epic process. We reached the first level of the human dimension—inner joy—in December 2012. Now, we are facing another crucial breakthrough.

The human ordinary self is designed to experience suffering and confusion. This cursed self cannot be healed nor pursue bliss. Thank God, we have another secret self (James 1:27).


FTC Harvest

June 2024

Image by Joseph Corl

Pursuing bliss 101

We have years of experience, so we can offer some help. If you have reached the third level in your cursed job or career (they lead to boredom, burnout, and depression), it means your window of opportunity is open; however, it will not last forever.


Pursuing bliss is very practical, as it will help you exit all your cursed (limiting and toxic) relationships. 

The time to do it is now, as the New World Order is just around the corner.


Our Mental Detox can be your first step towards reclaiming your stolen birthright.

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