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Image by Kevin Mueller

Why the coming New World Order 
and the Apocalypse?

The coming global human harvest

We are at the advent of the most epic process this civilization has ever witnessed - the global human harvest. All people will be affected; all will face the same epic choice.

This is not another theory; our individual harvest started many years ago. 


To learn more, watch the video. 

Intro - Why the coming Apocalypse?
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How to access the full video?

The second part of this video describes a process used by every mind to trap people in a false version of reality.

Many try to be mindful or meditate to still their minds. What they miss is the knowledge and perspective about the deceptive qualities of our minds. This 9-minute video will greatly expand your horizons in this area.

  • You will also learn the higher reasons why we must endure the coming New World Order and the Apocalypse!

During these end times, many of us will be reintegrated into the human dimension of reality. It will be a very confusing, dramatic, and epic process. And if you are such a person, you might not be aware of this, not yet.

Nothing substitutes real self-knowledge. To help people recognize and overcome their mental traps and also grasp the nature of our true human potential, which is hidden from the ordinary mind, we offer a Mental Detox program.

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FTC Harvest

April 2024

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