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The global human harvest has already started!


  • Are you the biblical lost sheep?

If you are, you don't know it!

FTC Harvest is for people who carry a spark of life within them; we are the biblical lost sheep. I am one of such people.

My process of turning my sheep identity into a lion began many years ago at work, during regular business hours, and by surprise. Hence, the creation of this site.

If you are part of the tribe, you will be busy in the coming years working on your identity.

  • We are the end times mavericks, who are meant to overcome the coming AI/NWO Revolution!

Understanding who you really are is the most profound discovery in life. The real biblical lost sheep are not spiritual, not religious, but real: Is real - Israel!

FTC Harvest

Two coming revolutions, not one!

The AI / NWO revolution is coming so is the Human Revolution! 

The AI / NWO Revolution will outsmart, enchant and enslave all ordinary men. However, the coming human revolution (Global Human Harvest) will redeem the lost sheep from ordinary life. It's all in the Bible, so it will happen. It's already happening.  

To succeed in these end times, you need to know something that nobody knows - what is real!​ 

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