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Into the UNKNOWN!

Entering the quantum Promised Land during the coming NWO Apocalypse!

The invisible quantum reality!

Every great artist, breakthrough scientist, and all creative people are connected to the invisible quantum reality. That's why they see beyond the mundane. There lies our future self, true human potential, and all the higher qualities people seek but cannot find.​What we miss, seek but cannot find is part of this world.​


The Bible and great fairy tales, legends, and myths are not written for mundane people, but for those who enter the realm of God, spirits, dragons, powers, and principalities.


Soon, the veil will be lifted and people will have to face this strange world here on earth. Aliens, dragons, demons, the spirit of nephilims, wonders, and terrible monsters, holy and evil people—this is what's coming! It's all coded in the Book of Revelation. 

What will happen when a regular Joe will have to face the supernatural?

What we call normal life is not normal at all!


  • ​Do you know your inner dragon?

  • If you don't, it means your dragon is winning and you are losing the only war worth fighting for.

  • Don't just take our word for it. Take the test!



A journey everyone must take!

In the first part of life, we all conform to the world's norms and standards. Even if we desire to break free from them, our actions are still influenced by societal expectations.

There are countless paths of human development, and though they may seem diverse, they all converge at the same destination - a stark realization that something of immense value has been lost. But what precisely, people don't know.

The second half of life beckons us to transcend personal and social boundaries. However, this doesn't imply abandoning everything and living off the grid, as such a path will lead to dissapointment or bitterness. That's where the Promised Land of quantum reality awaits!


  • Only God can grant entry there! He let us in; we're at 3 out of 7 on our journey!

If you conquer your inner dragon and undergo God's epic rebirth process, you'll shine brightly in the second part of life and beyond!


Read the Bible and great fairy tales. They all end in the same way - and they lived happily ever after! That's our path, what's yours?

FTC Harvest

February 2024

The ancient identity curse of Genesis 3 today!

Is our site for you?


Answer one question:


  • Does life offer more than your current reality?

Don't think, ask your intuition. If your answer is YES, even if it's vague, there is hope. However, you must also have reached the third level in your work or career.


What is your measure of success? In our case, it always comes with burnout or depression. No, healing these conditions is a waste of time. What you really need is an epic challenge. If it's genuine, it's encoded in you.

Moreover, you must be daring and proactive, or you will share the fate of all cowards in this world. They all end up the same way (Rev. 21:8).

Is this your dilemma too?

  • What should I do with the second part of my life?

Are you already contemplating changing your job, life, or [add your ideas]?


If so, it only means that you're being misled—once again—by your mind! All people are. The curse of Genesis 3 is so strong!

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