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Image by Masood Aslami

Escaping the 'I know better' evil culture 

... through our eternal human spirit!

Chaos dressed as wisdom

12 ... be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the body. Ecclesiastes 12

  • According to 2012 research, only in this one year, 93,000 books were published on how to become successful, happy, efficient, etc.

  • Around 3.7 million new videos are uploaded to YouTube every day – that's around 271,330 hours of video content based on an average length of 4.4 minutes.

  • How many different spiritual paths, religions, psychological theories, or versions of Jesus are there?

The Bible in Revelation 2:9 calls this entire "rich and diverse" system the Synagogue of Satan. The law of Rev. 18:4 states that you must exit all human systems and enter God's one and only system - the spiritual Narrow Path.


There are no limits to the expansion of 'I know better' madness. The evil persona of pleasure and pain, right and wrong, and good or bad keeps our human spirit in a strong grip.


It only takes 5 minutes, one test, and a drop of honesty to understand this life-saving truth. Don't let your mind convince you that your precious spirit doesn't matter.

  • Take the Personal Power Test and understand what the 99.99% or more of enslaved people don't see.

How did your Personal Power Test go?

  • What is your TSA?

  • It's high, isn't it?

  • But it's not only you!

All men, by default, carry a silent powerlessness within. Have you read "The Emperor's New Clothes"? This archetype of False Integrity that stems from spiritual powerlessness (high TSA) is present everywhere— in daily work and material relationships. No wonder, countless individuals are compromised, burntout, and depressed.

One universal and eternal path to escape the human animal condition! No, it's not material success or awakening!

High TSA leads to false integrity

Image by Campaign Creators

You must escape all human systems that condone human powerlessness and evil nature. This is a very serious challenge.

Use your crisis well!

The only real alternative to a midlife crisis is the natural and universal pursuit of immortality. Since our human spirit is eternal, pursuing immortality is natural.


Did you know that the clues about the identity of our true self are embedded in our childhood memories?


  • You have the entire second part of your life to co-create with God your immortal self in Christ, starting from your true self.​


It's a long and complicated story. Also, the real out-of-this-world path to immortality heals EVERYTHING! 

We can meet in person or communicate via email after you have passed our 3 basic tests.


What we do aligns entirely with the spiritual dimension of the Bible and other genuine spiritual sources, including great fairy tales, legends, and Greek myths.

Poor vs. Stupid vs. Real

  • If you don't fear (honor) God in your heart, you are very poor.

  • If you don't believe in the reality of hell, you are so stupid.

  • As long as your TSA is high, you are in the grip of hell.

We saw hell. In our vision it was packed with terrified and helpless professionals. Material life is short. Eternity is very long.


Here at, FTC Harvest we work day and night to escape hell and join the real Kingdom. Nothing else really matters. This is also a very practical process as long as it is real. Why?


  • Escaping hell means leaving behind the old hybrid, powerless and dysfunctional self.

  • Entering heaven requires to co-create with God a new, conscious, powerful and joyful self.

  • Contrary to what material (foolish) religions claim, creating this self is a lengthy, painful, and risky process.

Leave your illusions behind and get real, no matter the pain, shame, and costs. Don't believe other men, they don't know.


The third and final stage of Christianity is 100% measurable and is very different from the Old and New Testament. How?


  • God is in control, not blind men.


This means that to become a true Christian, God must initiate you into His epic and spiritual Narrow Path. There, together with God, you can produce something of infinite value to God and man - the Christ self. This process requires a human body and borderline conditions. The coming New World Order and the global deception that will follow set the perfect and epic stage. 

Already at 3/7 of our human harvest. 

This site is not another religious or spiritual illusion ...

Because we understand the spiritual dimension of the Bible, we must and will distance ourselves from ALL forms of material religions and the so-called spirituality. All human creations are lifeless mental illusions. True spirituality is very real, tangible, measurable, and leads to life, wisdom, and power. When you come across groups that advocate spiritual awakening, enlightenment, ascensions, some light workers run away or enjoy the spiritual deception (or plain idiocracy) and move beyond. This is not a psychological site either, yet some psychological insights can be valuable. The real Narrow Path starts with a shocking spiritual sign. It's always the same and recorded in the Bible. Only by receiving this sign can you be sure that your path to escape the insane culture of 'I know better' is real. Our job is to help people arrive at the most important choice in life, where they can decide whom to follow: their wicked mind or their epic human spirit and the Holy Spirit, Matt. 12:31, 32. Everything depends on this choice.

If you carry the human spirit you will be abused, burnout and depressed. 

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