From ordinary mind, self and li(f)e!

For us ordinary reality is a trap!

When you watch and listen YouTube, Instagram or read books, there is a never ending stream of ordinary men sharing their knowledge and wisdom. This global eruption of illusions was foretold in the Bible.

  • Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” Daniel 12:4

Good knowledge is a good think, but there is a problem!


Take the test and notice what 99,99%

or more people don't see!

 Personal Power Test 


1. Count down how many times a day, more or less, you do things that:


  • you don't believe in and / or because you feel you should.


2. Count how many times a day, more or less, you think YES in your heart but say NO and vice versa.
3. Count your daily "dose" of little or bigger lies and unwanted compromises.

4. Add gross or habitual transgressions of your conscience!
5. Now, add up all these numbers into one and label it as "S".


Almost there, do one more calculation. Use this formula:

S x 365 x 10 = TSA

S -number of daily transgressions against your integrity!
365 - number of days per year
10 - last 10 years, feel free to increase this number. 
TSA - total number of self defeating actions during the last 10 years  or more.

  • It's not only you.

  • All men have high TSA, all are powerless inside but they don't see it that way!

  • Because they have their ordinary knowledge and self, they believe, they have power. 

  • They do, but this power is an illusion. 

  • Hence, all are stuck in ordinary life, all want to escape, but no one can!

  • Hell is paved with good intentions!

FTC Harvest Team

If you are of on us, you must escape what they consider to be science, wisdom, spirituality, religions or personal development.


You must and can overcome all these illusions by your human spirit (subconscious mind). The problem?

  • You don't use your real gifts! Look at your TSA!

Our life stages are different!

When ordinary men start decaying inside, we come out from our Egypt (inner powerlessness) phase and begin the Wilderness stage. Winners will conquer the Promised Land.

  • new heart - 30

  • new mind - 60

  • new body - 100 (Mark 4:8)

New humans are coming into this world. We are the Tribe!

All candidates will have to overcome limitations ordinary men will never understand nor overcome. Here are examples of such problems.

  • I have achieved so much, why I can't feel satisfaction.

  • Others can make it, but I can't, why?

  • I know, I have something important to do in life, but what exactly? - I don't know and this drives me crazy!

  • Why do I do things, I don't want to do?

  • Why do I suffer, if I don't want to?


They call it existential problems, because they don't understand the true nature of these illusions. For us all forms of existential suffering are necessary challenges.

  • Also, if you are one of us, you have the ability to understand what nobody can - the higher meaning of the term SUB-PERSONALITY - the most dangerous from all human illusions. 

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Joining our Mental Detox is not obvious nor easy!

  • You will have to outsmart your ordinary mind!

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We are different creatures

Ordinary men hate the truth.

We die without the truth.