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Image by Massimiliano Morosinotto

Do you know your immortal self?

You are 5 STEPS away from your greatest treasure!


Discover your God-given self!

  • Take this process in writing and with an wholeheartedly!

  • 5 STEPS is a gift from God to His lost people who are destined for freedom!

  • There has never been such a transparent process in the history of this fallen race.

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Step 1

Describe five or more personality traits for which you are accepted, liked, and honored by others.

Step 2

Describe five or more of the most negative traits of your character that you hide from other people, and possibly from yourself.


Step 3

Describe five or more of the noblest, most idealistic, and exciting traits of your character. Perhaps you are not aware of them or keep these qualities hidden from others.


Step 4

Activate your epic side and describe the highest vision for your life. Who are the people surrounding you in this vision?


Step 5

Dive deep into your heart.

Is there an epic task waiting for you there? Such a task always exceeds our current capabilities. If you lack clarity, don't worry, clarity will come with time. Write down what you see and understand now.



Ask yourself this question:


  • What is more valuable to you: your ordinary self (Step 1), your hidden self (Step 2), or your God-given self (Steps 3-5)? Yes, this idealistic self comes from God. 


You have just become aware of the three most important aspects of your personality:

  1. You know your ordinary self.

  2. You are aware of your hidden self; it's worth taking a closer look because this hidden self is what makes you feel powerless, lacking energy, and suffering. This self makes you feel lonely among people and leads to burnout.

  3. Your God-given self is immortal; in fact, it is a seed of immortality and the only real key to overcoming your current powerless reality. God has given us the instruction manual for the development of this self in His Bible. It is from this idealistic self that our inner Christ can be born. This is not dead religion or spirituality but an epic and very complicated story.


The problem?


  • Your mind is the problem, a very big problem. 

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September 2023

Image by Declan Sun

What happens over time when somebody destined for freedom trusts their mind?

They will always end up:

  • powerless inside;

  • lonely in or outside your relationships;

  • burnout or worse.

The same will happen when such rare people trust and follow other people. 


  • Is this true for you?

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