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The human prison

The maddening chase. Everyone's in on it, chasing the same phantom prize, forever out of reach.

The real power of the illusory mind!

Define your mind's cube:

  • I'm [fill in the blanks]!

  • I know [fill in the blanks]!

  • I believe in [fill in the blanks]

  • I don't believe in [fill in the blanks]!

  • My security lies in [fill in the blanks]!

You have just described a few aspects of your illusory reality. Now, because you trust your natural mind: 

  • your are part of the global problem - read more...

  • what you call relationships is ... what is it? - read more...

  • at some point you will become bored, burnout or depressed - read more...


The real power of the mind: to make you believe that you are or can be free! You have only one life to overcome this lie!

Mental Detox.png

Social acceptance  (prison reality) or immortality?


The coming human harvest!

What you breed inside, you become!

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